We help people just like you discover everyday freedom. Part adviser, part coach, we provide a financial framework that goes beyond the numbers.
To get you from where you are, to where you’d like to be.
Delivering what you want, not just what you need.

You are Gold. We are Silver.

Our competitors call themselves IFAs, investment advisers, wealth managers or financial planners. We are all of these and more. We are your experts in the management of personal finances.

We are passionate about personal finance and creating exciting solutions. We help you make smart decisions with your money, so you can take less risk and pay as little tax as possible to ensure more of your assets remain with you and your family.

We offer complete independent advice in all areas of your finances through an established four stage plan. Our financial planning and investment management solutions are driven by your individual requirements.

We help wealthy families, business owners, high earners, retirees as well as CEO’s, lawyers and investment professionals. All of our clients have one thing in common: by working with us they all have a clear understanding of where their finances are taking them.


Cash Flow planning is a technique that we use to help you visualise the opportunities and risks you face. It can also help us to work out whether you can achieve and maintain financial independence whilst also achieving other goals. It helps you work out your ‘Magic Number’, the amount of money you need to be financially independent.

The technique involves mapping out your current finances and using a number of agreed assumptions to see how likely it is that you will achieve your goals.

Most Financial Advisers & Wealth Managers do not use Cash Flow planning. At ARGENTOUS PRIVATE CLIENTS it is at the heart of our financial planning service.

Sheltering you from wealth damaging elements.


Much of the financial services industry and the resulting investment advice is based on the sale of investment funds marketed by fund management companies. Their objective is simple, to encourage investment into their funds and they do this by marketing their best performing funds. Investors go through their investment life accumulating a collection of funds, that may or may not blend together well, and certainly don’t match their investment objectives and changing risk and return requirements.

We consider another approach – one that uses principles grounded in academic finance and mixes these with a current outlook on the global economy.

This specialist approach provides you with the knowledge and comfort that your portfolio will be diversified and aligned to your lifestyle needs and requirements.


The single biggest factor that affect portfolio returns is the effect of taxation, either directly or indirectly.

Our planning services use sensible, established tax planning methods to reduce the amount of tax unnecessarily paid on your wealth.


If you have what it takes, call us today to bring your financial goals a day closer.

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